Monday, September 16, 2013

Great job on writing persuasive paragraphs today! Mrs. Calvert and Ms. Makowski feel inspired by the courageous people you chose to write about. 

Reminder: Please tell your parents that School Council is holding the first meeting Tuesday, September 17th at 6:30 pm at Vista Heights School
                                -PLEASE ask your parents to attend
                                -Agenda items:  SUTP book sales, Executive Positions available, Updates from the principal and teachers, Wish List from the school and more

Be sure to remind your parents to book a Parent -Teacher interview this week by going to: 
Our first interview time this year is very important, as it will give your parents a chance to share information and discuss goals which will guide our learning adventure together. 

Homework: Let's work on improving our typing skills! Please access the Keyboarding Link posted on the blog. Select Tutorials, Keyboarding Tutorials, Lessons, and then select Lesson 1. Please work on completing these lessons throughout the week. Be sure you can pass each lesson with 15 words/minute or more.  Be sure to use home row finger positions. When you have completed lesson 16 you can challenge a typing test to show your skills to your teacher!