Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Today we are starting our Building Mechanisms with Electricity.  Be sure to share with a family member what you are planning to create.  A copy of the assignment and excellence exemplars are in D2L.  Take some time and check it out.

Homework: Remember November Book Reviews are due on Friday.  You can put a working copy into D2L and finished at home if you require extra time.


We are excited to welcome the University of Calgary Solar Car Team to Vista Heights on Thursday November 28! This interactive presentation will promote sustainable energy practices and give all classes an opportunity to view the Schulich Axiom solar car. 
A Media Release and Consent Agreement is being sent home. By signing these forms, parents are giving permission for their child to have their picture taken during this presentation. Pictures would only be used by the University of Calgary Solar Car Team for their website or future presentations. All students will participate in the learning opportunity; the consent for photos is optional
Please visit the University of Calgary Solar Car Team website,, or contact Ms. Makowski at (403)777-6000 if you have any questions or require further information.