Tuesday, January 14, 2014

LOL's please share with a family member about our S4 presentation today from Officer Dan from the Calgary Police.  Do some reflecting about what would be on your totem pole and be ready to explain why in class tomorrow.

*Check the Current Events schedule posted in D2L to see when you will be presenting.
*January book reviews are due January 30.
*Social studies research on Canada's Identity is due January 24.  Presentations will be the week of January 26.

- Child Safe Canada notice is being sent home today.

- Swimming begins January 20 - January 24.  Grade 5/6 classes are the first to swim, so please be on time for school in the morning.   You may wear your bathing suit under your clothes to save some time changing.  Remember to bring a towel and a plastic bag for your wet bathing suits, also a snack as you will be hungry when we get back.  Here is the schedule for swimming days:

8:45 -meet at bus (students do not enter the school) 
        -teachers take attendance                  -students board bus
8:50  -bus leaves Vista Heights School 
9:15-10:00 -swimming lesson
10:15 -bus leaves Village Square Leisure Center and returns to Vista Heights School

*Challenge: Try to decode the message from The City of Ember: