Thursday, January 09, 2014

Tell a family member about our class read aloud, City of Ember. Compare a character from this story to a character from one of our other read aloud novels. How are these characters similar? How are they different? Be prepared to share your ideas in class tomorrow.

Read, read, read! Book reviews are due at the end of January. Please see the rubric in D2L for new project expectations!

Math - Grade 5: We have a quiz tomorrow! You need to know how to create equivalent fractions, as well as compare and order fractions. Please see Ms. Makowski if you would like to take a text book home to help you study. 

Swimming field trip permission forms, Cardel Place volunteer forms, Sports Club permission forms - please have your parents sign and return them to school.

Science Projects are due tomorrow. Be prepared to submit your project to D2L by the end of the day tomorrow.