Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Excellent work on your art projects this afternoon! Share with a family member the project we did with a guest artist.

We have a Math test on Tuesday Oct. 15! Grade 5: You need to know standard and expanded form; estimation strategies to find sums and differences (front end rounding, compatible numbers, using benchmarks); and solving problems. Grade 6: standard and expanded forms larger than one million, estimation for large number problem solving, multiples and factors, including prime and composite numbers.  Talk to Ms. Makowski / Mrs. Calvert if you would like to take a text book home to help you study!

Student Voice meets tomorrow at lunch!

Parent Council has generously donated $90 to put towards the Outdoor School fee for every student attending.  There will be additional discounts to come.  Thank you to the parents who attended our second meeting last night.  We appreciate your support! Please sent in the confirmation form of your child's attendance at Outdoor School.

Music - Recorders:

As an important part of the music curriculum, each student in grades 3-6 requires a recorder for their personal use in music class. Recorders are used to reinforce many concepts found in the music curriculum and help to develop students’ ability to read music.
Since recorders can vary in quality, style and size, I will be purchasing a bulk order of good quality recorders. These recorders will be available for you to purchase at a discounted price of $7. If you choose to purchase your own recorder, or have one from a previous school year, please ensure it is a soprano recorder. When the students all use the same recorder it makes teaching and learning more successful for all.
Students have two options:
a) Bring in their own recorder. Please bring this into the school as soon as possible. 
b) Purchase a recorder through the school. Please see information letter sent home. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ms. McCune. 403.777.6000 or Thanks!