Thursday, October 10, 2013

Reflect on our read aloud, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. Share with a family member what you learned from this book. Think about the different characters in the book - be prepared to write a written reflection tomorrow!

Homework: We have a Math test on Tuesday Oct. 15! Grade 5: You need to know standard and expanded form; estimation strategies to find sums and differences (front end rounding, compatible numbers, using benchmarks); and solving problems. Grade 6: standard and expanded forms larger than one million, estimation for large number problem solving, multiples and factors, including prime and composite numbers.  Talk to Ms. Makowski / Mrs. Calvert if you would like to take a text book home to help you study! 

Reminder: Pizza Lunch is tomorrow for those who made an order!

Please remember to bring your recorder to school, or complete and return the recorder order form!

Kamp Kiwanis Outdoor School Parent Information Manual is being sent home for those who missed the information meetings!

Kamp Kiwanis Health and Permission Form being sent home today. Please complete, and return to school tomorrow.