Monday, October 07, 2013

We are excited to officially reopen our gymnasium! Share with a family member the changes to our gym, and what you thought of the new floor.

School Gym:
-is open for classes on Monday, October 7th 
-the equipment room is still under construction so there is no access to that space-students MUST wear proper footwear in order to participate safely-if you need to discuss your child’s footwear please call the office at 403-777-6000 

School Doors:-because the construction on the gym is finished we have use of the Mud Room Doors-starting Monday, October 7th – grade 3,4, 5 and 6 students will enter and exit through the mud room doors-grade 1 and 2 students will use the door closest to their classrooms-Kindergarten students will use the front doors-if adults arrive before the bell at 3:10, they need to report to the office before proceeding down the hallways

School Photos are Tuesday October 15!  A notice was sent home today - please give these to your parents.

Pizza Lunch: tomorrow is the last day for Pizza Lunch orders! 

Homework: Please continue to access the digital citizenship links on the blog to collect your research for your brochures. Digital Citizenship brochures are due Friday October 11. Be prepared to share your projects with other classes!

Ms. Makowski's Math Class: We have a Math test on Tuesday Oct. 15! You need to know standard and expanded form; estimation strategies to find sums and differences (front end rounding, compatible numbers, using benchmarks); and solving problems. Talk to Ms. Makowski if you would like to take a text book home to help you study!